Ultima IX: Ascension - Custom Cheats

Ultima IX: Ascension - Custom Cheats

Custom Cheats

First make a backup copy of the file default.kmp which is located in the game directory. Then open the original file with any text editor. Find the :

Cheat Commands

Add these lines underneath:

altshifta toggleavatarinvulnerable
altshiftb passonehour
altshiftc unpassonehour
altshiftd sunrisesunset
altshifte passoneminute
altshiftf unpassoneminute
altshiftg togglesun
altshifth togglewind
altshifti togglestorms
altshiftj toggleavatarfast
altshiftk toggleavatarfly

Now during gameplay press any of those keys to activate the cheat.

New 1.07 Patch Cheat Bindings
Add these to the DEFAULT.KMP file in your U9 folder like so...

"ctrlr rechargemana"

These two are self explanatory:


The following give you spells respectively. You are also given every Sigil The Orb of the Moons and a Bread. Everything in your backpack is removed when you do these and armor is reverted back to the Avatar's clothing at the beginning of the game:


Submitted by: Arch Angel archangelhotmail.com