The Urbz: Sims in the City - Club Xizzle entrybr


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Club Xizzle entry:
Use this password: BucketRecipesUse the ingredients below to bake

Chocolate cake - chocolate, sugar, flour
Sugar cookies - sugar, sugar, flour
Pecan pies - nuts, chocolate, flour
Strawberry shortcake - strawberries, flour, sugar/nuts
Strawberry tiramisu - strawberry, vanilla, flour

Motives and xizzles:
Eager, eager Hippo - slows hunger decay by 30
Inzombiac - slows energy decay by 30
Little piddly diddle - slows bladder decay by 30
Sweet smell - slows hygiene decay by 30
Play it off - slows comfort decay by 30
Mantis rapture - slows fun decay by 30

Go to the scret tunnel between the jail and the dark tree
at 6:00AM and there will be a ninja there. Buy the " rosebud " drink from it. That will give you 2,000

Unlock road:
To unlock the road by the club you have to give 500 dollars to grammie and get 3 friends to help you and you also have to get promoteb twice in a skill.

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