The Urbz: Sims in the City - Club Xzzle

The Urbz: Sims in the City - Club Xzzle

Club Xzzle

At Club Xzzle type the word "bucket" and you will be let in. When you find the cheat ninja you can purchase cheats from her.

1am - 2am: Travel to Nov. 28 1984 in the time machine
2am - 3am: Carnival
4am - 5am: Paradise Island
6am 7am: Secret tunnel from jail to dark tree
10am 11am: Moon base Zeta

Free Repair

If one or more of your items are broken and you want the repair man to fix it for free, just call him and let him repair the broken objects. Just before he finishes fixing the last item, leave the house. If the item is still broken, just go up to it and repair it yourself. It should start where the repair man left off before you left the house. Don't worry, the repair man won't charge you until he finish the last broken item. This saves money and time.

Moon Base Zeta

After you finish a the game buy a meteorite rock off the internet and go to the phone booth in Sim quarter. It should say phone home and it will take you to Boon Base Zeta.

Change Color on Items

You can change the color of some things in your house by going up to it and pressing the R button.