Vacation Quest: The Hawaiian Islands


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Game Cheats:

Unlock Bonus Days:
Find the indicated amount of Hidden Seashells which are located throughout the game to unlock the corresponding Bonus Days.

Day 22-Private Helicopter Tour:
Find 8 Seashells

Day 23-Snorkling Trip:
Find 15 Seashells

Day 24-Off Road Tour:
Find 25 Seashells

Day 25-Adventure Rafting:
Find 35 Seashells

Day 26-Bike Excursion:
Find 45 Seashells

Day 27-Submarine Sightseeing:
Find 55 Seashells

Day 28-Private Jet:
Find 63 Seashells

Unlock Bonus Games:
When you find the indicated amount of seashells which are hidden throughout the game the corresponding bonus game will become available.

Unlock 'Match 3' Bonus Game:
Find 50 Seashells.

Unlock 'Seek & Find' Bonus Game:
Find 50 Seashells.

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