Virtua Fighter 5 - Unlock Dural


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Unlock Dural:
Successfully complete Arcade mode with each character to unlock Dural in Versus and Arcade modes.

Dojo training stages
Successfully complete Time Attack mode in Command Training. Then, select Versus mode, choose the fighters, then press Down, Down for the fenced Dojo stage or Up, Up for the fence-less Dojo stage.

Arcade mode Route B:
Hold Guard or Punch at the "Yes or No" prompt at the character selection screen in Arcade mode. Keep the button held until the match begins. This mode has a different order of the fighters that appear.

Movie Theater custom characters:
Enter the VFTV Movie Theater, then hold Left and press X when choosing the Wolf-El Blaze or Eileen demo movies. Any customizations you made to those characters will now appear in the movie.

Classic SEGA sound:
Hold Circle while loads to hear the classic "SEGA" sound from the Genesis system when the Sega logo appears

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