Viva Pinata - Extra accessories


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Extra accessories:
Name your garden chewnicorn, goobaa or Bullseye to get extra accessories at the shop.

Feeding a horstachio one daisy and one blackberry will change it into a zumbug purple zebra.

Money Trick:
Go into Costalots store and select seeds, then select chili. Then you enter "plant or drop" mode, plant each chili in squares of four Dont buy them yet and make as many quads as you like. Have in mind that the more you plant the more difficult it is to grow them to maximum growth. When done buy them then select water-can best is appreciated water them almost to max then go to ivor-bargain and select wonder fertilizer and try to pour over four at the same time.

Get a Redhot:
Use 1 Taffy and Direct him to a torch. Before he gets there get out your watering can. When he gets there he will go on fire. Pour water on him. You should have a new Redhot resident. Sell him for 2100 chocolate coins if you want.

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