Blizzard Working on Next-Gen MMO

Blizzard Working on Next-Gen MMO

Blizzard has caused some commotion by posting new job openings aimed at the creation of a "next-gen MMO". The openings, for Lead Engine Programmer, Lead Tools Programmer and Lead Technical Artist, appear on the Blizzard website.

The job descriptions, of course, fail to describe the actual project in any detail but the comments made by Blizzard's Itzik Ben Bassat during the Burning Crusade launch, regarding the developer's intentions to revisit both the Starcraft and Diablo franchises have caused a speculation overload.

For most fans StarCraft remains an elusive dream and many would like to see a game based on the successful universe. Fans however, have expressed some concern over the possibility of a Starcraft MMO claiming it can only work as an RTS. The Diablo world is a more likely possibility but the imminent arrival of HellGate: London may be all fans get for a while.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has confirmed plans to announce a new product, possibly during a Korean event next month. During the same statement Blizzard confirmed its intention to create a StarCraft title further fueling the StarCraft fire.

What is certain is that there will be plenty to discuss come August 3, 2007 when the next BlizzCon takes place.