Warhammer: Dark Omen - Various Cheats

Warhammer: Dark Omen - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

At the Main screen enter any of the following codes. If done correctly you will hear a sound:

Code Effect
fudgeislush Enables 'Troop Roster' Cheats. Now use any of the following:

Ctrl C G adds 1000 gc to cash
Ctrl C T subtracts 1000 gc from cash
Ctrl C E increases selected unit's experience
Ctrl C U makes selected unit unbreakable in combat

dontmesswithme Enables 'Book' cheats:

Ctrl C M gives you the full quota of magic items
Ctrl C F gives every unit full XP

bringemon Enables 'In Battle' Cheats. Now use any of the following:

Ctrl K missile fire is 100 accurate
Ctrl W increase magic points to max

overbychristmas Enables more 'In Battle' Cheats. Now press F12 once or twice to auto win any mission
squarewindow Places a Magnifier at the TopRight on the Screen
smeghead Makes the 3D Heads turn into Pinheads
blackmarket Makes Magic Items Available in Unlimited Quantities in Multiplayer Mode
bennyhill Activates Fast Action Battle Mode
thelivinggem Goto Point in Campaign
handyman Goto Point in Campaign
ridethestorm Goto Point in Campaign
youandi Plays Cutscene then goes to a Point in Campaign
ohdear Plays Death Animation
welcome Plays Intro Animation
groovetown Plays First Mission Animation
lightreading Plays Liber Mortis Animation
smallpebble Plays Jewel of Morrslieb Animation
badbreath Plays Hand of Nagash Animation
whitegrail Plays Black Grail Animation
atimetofight Plays Long March Animation
wewontheday Plays Final Movie
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