WCW Mayhem - FAQ vFinal


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FAQ vFinal

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by Red Phoenix

Various Cheats

Enter any of the following "Codes" as a PPV code:

Code Effect
PLYHDNGYS All Wrestlers
CBCKRMS All Backstage Rooms
DPLGNGRS Play as Same Wrestlers
MKSPRCWS Super Created Wrestlers
CHT4DBST Quest for the Best Mode
PLYNTRCLSC Classic TNT Nitro Set
CHT4DBST Move Up in Rank Press Right in Quest for the Best to move up
MSKDLTLRY Masked Rey Mysterio Jr
NGGDYNLN Change Kidman into a Fat Wrestler with Earrings
PRNTSTMN Stamina Meter
PRNTMMNTM Momentum Meter
yKhJJQLmFs World War III PPV
tdpKRmZ Halloween Havoc PPV
KcXKFW?jpF Starcade PPV
rJPmB6lfMlkB Super Brawl 2000 PPV

Submitted by: TheThomasFamilyaol.com SuckItDX99aol.com
Submitted by: CDawg7121aol.com

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