WCW/Nitro - FAQ

WCW/Nitro - FAQ

Submitted by Victor D. "Wolverine" victordwolverineyahoo.com


All Wrestlers

Evade 4 times
Block 4 times
Tag 4 times
Taunt 4 times
Then press Help 1 time.

All Rings

Press Block Taunt Evade Tab/Focus Block Taunt Evade Tag/Focus Help. Then enter the Options Menu and change the ring.
Submitted by: Tadej Obrstar tadej.gobsiol.net

Big Heads

At the Select Mode screen press V7x followed by QH.

Big Heads Hands Feet

At the Select Mode screen press Q7x followed by VH.

Swelling Head

At the Select Mode screen press Space7x followed by TH.

Ring Skip

At the Options Menu press VQVQ. Then press H to skip rings.

Ring Select

At the Main Menu press Space TV Q4x then press H.

Instant Victory

At the Character Selection screen highlight a wrestler and press Space VTQ Space VTQH.