World War Z

World War Z World War Z


Successfully complete one of the following tasks to get a trophy:

Came back haunted (Platinum): Earn all other trophies.
Handyman (Gold): Open and buy all perks in game.
Imposing arsenal (Gold): Open and buy final versions of all weapons.
Well, what did you achieve? (Gold): Finish all episodes on hardest difficulty.
Chain reaction (Silver): Hit 10 zombies with one Stun Gun shot.
Explosive (Silver): Kill 10 zombies with balloon explosions.
High caution (Silver): Finish any level without dealing friendly damage.
I am safe! (Silver): Use masking grenade on 3 teammates with zombies near.
Madman (Silver): Finish 100 games in PvE.
Owner (Silver): Capture the point and hold it until the end of the match in "Swarm Domination" mode.
Sport kills (Silver): Kill Lurker midair.
Strong immunity (Silver): Finish any level without using health packs.
The floor is lava (Silver): Burn 10 zombies with one gasoline puddle.
The most effective way (Silver): Finish any level using just pistol.
This is just the beginning (Silver): Finish all episodes on any difficulty.
Torero (Silver): Kill Bull during charge.
Walking bank (Silver): Gather 200 resources during single match in scavenge raid mode.
Winner in life (Silver): Finish PvP match with highest score in any mode.
Builder (Bronze): Build 100 defences.
Burglar (Bronze): Open 15 rooms or containers with breaching charge.
Can't fool me (Bronze): Kill 20 lying zombies before they get up.
Dispenser (Bronze): Dispense 10 explosive ammo packs to teammates.
Effective communication (Bronze): Mark special zombies 50 times.
Escape (Bronze): Finish episode "New York" on any difficulty.
First Aid (Bronze): Rescue 30 incapacitated teammates.
Friend of machines (Bronze): Capture 15 turrets.
Genocide (Bronze): Kill 10,000 zombies.
Hope (Bronze): Finish episode "Jerusalem" on any difficulty.
Salvation of the Motherland (Bronze): Finish episode "Moscow" on any difficulty.
Specialist (Bronze): Open and buy all perks in one specialization.
Teamwork (Bronze): Finish any level with full team.
There are many guns but this one is mine (Bronze): Open and buy final version of any weapon.
Toxicomaniac (Bronze): Walk into toxic cloud 100 times.
Veteran (Bronze): Finish 25 PvP matches in any mode.
Waste of time (Bronze): Defuse 10 mines.
What the doctor ordered (Bronze): Heal 30 teammates with health lower than 20% with Medkits or Stim Pistol.