WWE 2K19

WWE 2K19

Grab a Weapon:
Outside the ring there are weapons available that can get you disqualified for using them. If you look underneath the ring for examply you will find things such steel chairs, baseball bats, and sledgehammers. If you plan on using these weapons you first need to ensure an outside wrestler is distracting the referee or better yet, the referee has been knocked unconscious.

Outside the Ring:
When you fight outside the ring your attacks hit harder and deal more damage. Being outside the ring is also a way for you to get away from your opponents to take a breather every now and then.

Ring Escapes:
Ring escapes are useful to get out of dangerous situations but you have to remember that they use up a reversal slot which you only have a limited amount of. It is therefore advised that you should only escape the ring as a last resort.

Crowd Taunts:
In WWE 2K19 taunting the crowd are not only showy moves, they can also provide a boost in your momentum. Take advantage of the wake-up taunt for example to force your opponent to stand up all groggy and vulnerable for a finisher.

Payback Moves:
Payback is a mechanic that is new to WWE 2K19 that allows you to come back when your opponent has the upper hand. They are moves that can be used to deal deadly attacks and perform instant finishers and like reversals most Payback moves are limited, therefore it is advised that you save them for when you really need them.

Opponents Reversals:
Try to keep track of the number of reversals your opponent attempts during a bout and then get ready to unleash a finisher or a special move when you know your opponent doesn't have any left to reverse it.

Use Reversals Wisely:
Reversals are not an unlimited resource, you only get a certain number of them you can perform in a bout. This means you need to use them wisely. If you find yourself low on reversals it may be better take smaller hits and hang onto your reversals for for when your opponent is gearing up to unleash a finisher.

Save Stamina:
During a bout make sure your always keep an eye on your superstars stamina guage and make sure you are pacing yourself. The last thing you want is to run out of stamina during a bout as doing so will leave you slower and sluggish and more vulnerable to attacks and reversals. Use your stamina wisely, this means you don't spam attacks constantly and you don't perform moves unnecessarily.

Invest in Stamina:
One of the most important stats in the game is your superstar's stamina as more often than not it is the key to winning or losing a fight. Remember when you create your player and start investing points in the skill tree that you don't neglect stamina, this includes both the Base Stamina and the Stamina Regeneration.