WWE Day of Reckoning - Play as Andre The Giant

WWE Day of Reckoning - Play as Andre The Giant
Play as Andre The Giant:
When starting story mode, you will wrestle several trainees in WWE Developmentals. Eventually, you will meet Paul Heyman in his office. There, he will tell you to beat an upcoming Raw or Smackdown superstar for example, Booker T.. When you defeat him, you will unlock Andre the Giant, get CAW points, and get promoted to WWE Sunday Night Heat.

Play as Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine:
Successfully complete the WWE Sunday Heat's dark and televised matches. You will get promoted to either WWE RAW or WWE Smackdown.,A message will confirm that you have unlocked them.

Play as Bret Hart:
Finish the season by winning your match at WMXX in story mode.

9-hit combo:
Complete all the lectures.

Extra created wrestler strike combos:
Complete all three tutorials to have the ability to get up to nine strike combos for created wrestlers.

Extra money:
Complete tutorial mode to win either 6,000 or 9,000 to use in the ShopZone.

For quick money, complete one lecture with Test.

Sumo wrestler:
To make a sumo wrestler, buy the sumo pants, the sumo hair, and choose Male Type 02. Make everything on his chest and abdomen 100, make him taller, make his legs and arms bigger, and make his cheeks bigger. Put no shirt, the sumo pants, and the sumo hair. Name him whatever desired, and make his entrance anything. Put on his profile "Brawler" and "Very Heavy". Set his attributes to make strength the highest and make everything else normal. Use him in story mode to make him stronger.

When you win in a match and the "Rematch" and "Exit To Main Menu" options appear, everything is frozen, but the people are still taking photographs.

When you versus Ric Flair at Sunday Night Heat, you will lose the match. After Evolution beats you up, Ric Flair will talk to you. He says a line with his name, but instead of "Ric Flair" it will appear as "Rick Flair".

John Cena's entrance:
When John Cena enters, he will make his Word Life sign. However, look carefully as he puts his fists up. In the WWE he puts his hands up with his pinkie and his thumb sticking out on each hand.

Kane Warps:
When you wrestle Kane, sometimes he goes up the turnbuckle and warps right back down and does his taunt.

Y2Jericho goes through cage:
Win a cage match with Y2Jericho Chris Jericho. When he wraps his hands around the top rope, he goes through the cage.

Opponent flies back:
Sometimes if you strike someone they will fly back.

Ladder over the top rope:
Set a ladder up in the corner. Do this by picking up the ladder press X, going to the corner, then press X to the ring post of that corner. Irish Whip your opponent to it. They should be leaning against it. Run at them and press B, or if you have a grapple that makes your opponent go in front of you, do it. The ladder will go over the top rope.

Opponent floats off ladder:
Set up a ladder, then make your opponent climb it. Then, have your wrestler also climb it. Note: Make sure you have a partner. Do a suplex as soon as you are at the top of the ladder with your opponent. As soon as you are rising while doing the suplex, have your partner hit the ladder. Your opponent should float, then fall.

Flying move off the turnbuckle and towards the barricade:
Set up a regular tag team match. Go on the turnbuckle. Hold Z, then press B. You will jump to the outside of the ring instead of inside the ring.

Spear to outside:
Face Big Show, Kane, Andre the Giant, etc. Have someone who has the Spear as a regular "Running Strike" move. While your opponent is trying to get in the ring make sure they go over the top rope to try to get inside, run at them and Spear them. You and your opponent will end up outside. Make sure you Spear them while they are trying to get in, not when they are already in.

Fall out of cage:
Use a created Hulk Hogan and you go to the top of a turnbuckle. When your opponent hits you, your wrestler may fall out of the cage. When you get up, you will win the match.

Go to the top turnbuckle in a tag team match then hold Z. While doing this, press B. You will jump off the turnbuckle and float.

Go through ropes:
In a tag team match, go to the top rope and hold Z. While doing thism press B and do your move off the top rope. Note: Make sure your move keeps you standing up after you jump.

Enter the audience:
In a tag team match, go to the top rope and hold Z. Then, press B. Make sure that your move off the top is the Hurricanrana.

Select either a ladder or TLC match. For the arena, House Show seems to work best. Get a ladder and set it up on the announcer's table. Set it up so that the steps face the audience and the other announcer's table. Have someone climb up to the top and stand on the top. Have someone else walk into the ladder so that it is all the way up against the barricade. Have the person get right to the middle of the ladder so that it almost looks like he is under the ladder. Then, press B. The ladder will fall towards the audience, and the person will look as if he is doing a dropkick off the ladder. When he gets up, he will be in the audience. He will be able to strike they other person but not grapple him or her.

Frozen character:
Have a character with the hard grapple Irish Whip "Yesibui Driver". Use that move when you are facing a character that has a weight class of either heavy or super heavy for example, Big Show or Andre the Giant. When you use the move as an Irish Whip, your character will begin to pick up the heavy opponent, but in the middle of the move your character will stop, then do a taunt signaling "I don't know". The heavy character will then stop in the position where your character stopped doing the move. The heavy character will remain immobilized until you strike or grapple him. This will happen versus a CPU or human player. There is no way to get out of the immobilized state until something hits or grapples that character.

Frozen opponent:
Go into the Hell In A Cell match. Beat your opponent down until they are dark blue or flashing "Danger". Go at least one cell square away from the edge and Irish Whip your opponent off so that they will just fall onto the announcer's table. It will look like a tired Ric off the cell. One of their legs will be in the air and they will not move. If you destroyed the two cell squares nearby, then you can still do it if you go to the edge of the hole.

No disqualification:
Go into a normal tag team match at any arena. Have two human players on one team and two CPU players on the other. Have the player that is not legal get any weapon and beat up the other non-legal opponent, the legal opponent, or the ref. If you beat up the legal opponent or the ref, you should have been disqualified but are not. Be careful -- if you get tagged in you will get disqualified and lose.

Go into a normal tag team match at any arena. Have two human players on one team and two CPU players on the other. Have the player that is legal go outside the ring and get a weapon. Beat up the other legal man. Make sure that you are on the outside. You will not be disqualified, even though you are the legal man beating up the other legal man with a weapon.

Extra created wrestler points:
Win the Dark Matches and get to Sunday Night Heat to get 400 CAW points.

Complete WWE Development in story mode to get 400 CAW points.

Complete Sunday Night Heat in story mode to get 600 CAW points.

Complete Raw and SmadkDown story to get 1,000 CAW points.

Successfully complete the game to have 800 CAW points to spend on created wrestlers.

Undertaker motorcycle and Stone Cold Buggy:
Complete the Raw segment of story mode to unlock The Undertaker's motorcycle and the Stone Cold buggy.

Steal opponent's finisher:
When you have a special, lock up with A B L R to steal your opponent's finisher.

Control tag team partner:
Select a CPU partner in a tag team match. During the match, press Z Up to have them attack the current legal opponent. Press Z Right to attack the referee. Press Z Left to attack your opponent's tag partner. Press Z Down to perform a tag team move.

Defeating Triple H in story mode at WrestleMania XX:
With about five minutes remaining, make sure you have a signature move slot filled and that Triple H's meter is at a dark blue color, he is not moving from the mat, and that at least his head and preferably his mid-section are at a yellow, orange or red damage point. It also helps if there is no score yet in the match. Activate your special and give Triple H two Pedigrees to put him in danger. If one does not do it, then go for the pin. You should score an easy 1-2-3 to make it 1-0 in your favor. Then, go outside the ring and run laps around it to make Triple H give chase you. Do not let him catch you. He may Pedigree you a few times then roll you into the ring for an easy pin of his own, but the object is to run around the ring until the counter hits 0:04. Then, run in and even if Triple H pedigrees you to a "Danger" spirit bar, there would only be 0:01 on the clock and Triple H will lose 1-0.

Defeating Triple H in the final Ironman match:
Do your special twice to Triple H. Then, pin him. Do this repeatedly for the full fifteen minutes.

Defeating the Undertaker in story mode at WrestleMania XX:
When playing the Iron Man match, it can be difficult, but getting one win is all it takes. After you get a pinfall or submission, stay away from the Undertaker by leaving the ring constantly, running around on the outside. Avoid him at all cost to let time run out and win the match one fall to zero.

Use the following trick to defeat Triple H or the Undertaker in story mode. Run laps around the ring; you can easily get caught and find yourself getting counted out or rolled inside the ring for a pin. The best way is to keep suplexing them or repeatedly beat them. A move recommended to wear them down easily is the Trapping Headbutts. Head butt them fifteen to twenty times. By the time that you are done, their spirit meter will have dropped to a dark green color. Note: If their spirit meter is full, it will instead go to orange. After this, if you do not have a special yet, then punch, submit, and slam them until you do. Fill your special until you have two or three maximum, then perform your special repeatedly. It is best to have a quick special that does not take too long to perform. After one special ends, pin them for a count, then repeat the process. They might counter one and get a special of their own. If this happens, run if possible until their special goes away. After that, just knock them down and repeat the process again. If you lose, try again. Note: If you have a powerful enough special, it will fill your spirit meter up repeatedly, allowing you to get more specials each time.

Use the following trick to defeat both the Undertaker and Triple H in WrestleMania. Instead of running around to get one Pinfall, you can get eleven. To do this, kick and punch both of them a few times. After you do that, use the Grappling Headbutt. Do this until their meter is blue. Make sure your finisher has a Pinfall in it. Repeat these steps until time runs out.

Easy win:
When creating a werstler, select "Move Set", then go to "Standing", then "Front Grapple". For "Light Grapple" n, choose "Trapping Headbutts". Choose anything for the others. Get a good amount of power, and start a match. When it begins, tap A to grab your opponent and repeatedly head butt them up to twenty times. After three to four times of this, your opponent will be blue and in danger. Pin them, and they will not get up. The entire match should last no longer than two minutes.

Easy money:
Keep doing the practice lectures. You will receive 2,000 every time you do it. Try doing the special techniques one repeatedly, as ut is the shortest.

To get more money, start a new game then play level one. Once you get back to the locker room, select "Save", then exit. Start a new game and keep repeating this until you have the desired amount of money. Note: This trick may take a long time.

Attack the ref with his own finisher:
Normally, you will get automatically D.Q.'d for using the ref's or your own specials or any kind of weapon with D.Q.'s set to the "On" setting. However, when you are competing in any kind of match with D.Q.'s set to "Off" in the rules menu, use the C-stick to target the ref. When you are close to the ref, make sure you have at least one red "W" in the "WWE" abbreviation next to your spirit meter/name/body damage chart. Activate your special. You can now do the ref's finisher, either a front or rear grappling signature move, by pressing L R A B. The ref's finisher is the Stone Cold Stunner by default.

Get away from ref:
If the ref is chasing you, knock him down and hold a submission on him for a short time. When he stands up he should either be afraid of you or will try to hit you again. If he does, repeat and he will leave you alone.

Scared ref:
Defeat someone with any "Dirty" wrestler. The referee will be scared.

For interference, in a single match do your special twice.

To get chairs from the announcers table, break one of the tables then run into them. Press B to knock them over, then go near them and press X.

Send opponent through table:
On the Survivor Series arena, there is an ambulance at the top of the ramp. You can set a table up below or at the side of it then Chokeslam or throw your opponent through the table

Go through two tables at a time:
Get a table in a hardcore, TLC or table match. Set the table up on the commentators' table. Select Chris Benoit or anyone that has a Powerbomb as a heavy grapple move when you are in a heavy grappled state you can move around. Powerbomb them onto the brown table. Note: Make sure you are not standing on the brown table; stand on the commentators' table. They will fall through the brown table, then through the commentors' table. Note: Chris Benoit's Powerbomb is Down A once in a heavy grappled state.

Attack off ambulance:
On the Summer Slam arena, there is an ambulance at the top that you can climb on and drop people with either a Chokeslam or a throw. Also, if you stand very close to it and punch or kick the opponent, they wukk slam against the ambulance.

Break Hell In Cell sides:
To get out of the cell, throw your opponent into one side three times . You can how climb on top of the cell by pressing Y, then Up. Once you are on top you can throw your opponent through the top middle squares by using a grapple move three times.

Weapon specials:
Hold A with a weapon in your hands to do the following moves.
Anson Grimes.

DDT onto a chair:
Three punches with a ring bell or the brass knuckles
Put a garbage can on your opponent's head. Wait about five seconds and they will fall over.
Spray the fire extinguisher
Do a body shot followed by a head shot with the sledgehammer or championship belt
Choke your opponent out with the kendo stick.

ECW jump:
Set up a ladder. Then grab your opponent with a table and get on top of the ladder. Do a flying attack. It will break them through the table.

ECW match:
To do a ECW match you need four people. The style will be a hardcore match. Then, turn off all rules and the time limit. To win, play until there is one person who has not bled.

Extra weapon damage:
Certain weapons can have moves done onto them. For example, a Powerbomb onto a trash can will double the damage and impact.