WWE Smackdown 5: Here comes the pain - Get Faster Specials


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Get Faster Specials

Go to the Training Room and get on the tredmill with square and then keep tapping X and you will get your special faster.
Submitted by AndreTheGiant

Bra N' Panties Submission

Give any woman that is allowed to participate in the Bra & Panties match the Rock's signature "The People's Elbow" move as the special move. During a Bra & Panties match, do the People's Elbow, and the wrestler will try to remove an elbow pad, but since there is none on a female model, she takes off her pants instead. Do this again and she takes off her shirt. Do not allow computer opponents to do this do not select modified wrestlers for the CPU or the game will freeze.

Unlock Credits

Finish a season to unlock the Credits.

Experience Points in Season Mode

The experience points you earn depend on the difficulty shown below:
Easy - 6 points per match
Normal - 12 points per match
Hard - 18 points per match
Smackdown - 24 points per match

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