WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2006 - Arena announcement


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Arena announcement:
At the Wrestlemania IX arena, the announcers will say that they are in Phoenix, Arizona. However, Wrestlemania IX actually took place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Attribute points do not work for tag teams:
After you have complete both RAW and SmackDown to win unlimited attribute points, they cannot be used at all in Tag Team attributes, even though it will say you have 999,999 points.

Batista Figure:
You must win the 100 Wins trophy.

Carlito T-Shirt:
You must win the Challenge Mode Amateur trophy.

Casket finisher:
Store one finisher and get your momentum full so that the bar is flashing. When it is flashing, Irish Whip your opponent into the casket and press L1. This will result in a casket finisher and end the match without you having to close the casket lid.

Cena Baseball Jersey:
You must acquire the Rising Star Trophy.

Censored commentary:
Many times during the commentary, whenever there is a comment that puts down a superstar or a particular brand SmackDown, it is cut off. However, this is done frequently without anything to cut it off.

Create a character mode run in air:
When creating a character's moves, many times when you are scrolling through the "rope moves" moves done when an opponent is leaning on the ropes, when you are watching them then moving to another one the game will show you the move, but your superstar will be out of the ring, off center, or floating. The move will still follow through, just many times while out of the ring.

Cristy Hemme:
When in a match with J.R. and King announcing, do Cristy Hemme's first finisher Low Blow 5. J.R. and King will say that she did a DDT instead. Note: This was done in the PAL version of the game.

Daivari: Shouting in Farsi during match
Select a singles match with manager. Choose a wrestler for example, Muhammad Hassan, then select Daivari as your manager. During the course of the match you will hear Daivari occasionally shout a sentence in Farsi in his trademark style.

Defend WWE and World title without completing season mode:
Enter GM mode. You can defend those titles whenever desired. For example, if you selected RAW, you can defend the WWE title, or World title if you chose SmackDown.

Disappearing tables:
When you win a match, try to see the announcers' tables. There will not be there, and have disappeared.

Do aerial moves on ground:
Run up on the crowd guard rail with a superstar with a diving finisher for example, RVD. Run on the railing and perform the attack. You will warp directly to the ground. Note: The move still proceeds. This can be done with any superstar, created or original, as long as they have a diving finisher.

Easy experience:
Make a superstar and train him until you have at least some experience, then copy him. Change the weight rank from heavyweight to diva. This will make all the experience it had usable on any wrestler. Repeat this process until you have enough experience as desired.

Easy money:
After successfully completing the RAW and SmackDown seasons, create a superstar. You should already have unlimited experience points. Put him at 99 overall and begin season mode with him. Select to skip all the matches and you will win almost all of them and get 2,500 to 3,100.

Easy wins:
Simply fight an opponent on the outside of the ring. Wait until the referee's count reaches "8", then Irish Whip him or her into the barricade. Run back into the ring and you will win the match by count out.

Hardcore Championship Belt:
You must win the Challenge Mode Legend trophy.

Hassan and Daivari: Entrance music lengths
Muhammad Hassan and Daivari have the same entrance music, as they should. However, they have separate files in the Music menu - these are of a different length. The version listed as "Muhammad Hassan" runs for just over a minute, while the track listed as "Khosrow Daivari" is the same music, but runs longer. Should Hassan's entrance moves be lengthened through editing in Create An Entrance, you may want to switch his music to the one given to Daivari so that it is long enough to play through the entire entrance without ending and repeating itself.

Irish Whip running:
Occasionally, when you Irish Whip your opponent, they will "slide" across the ring, not moving their legs. Note: This may only apply to the PAL version, which was released before the NTSC version of the game.

Jimmy Hart Megaphone:
You must unlock Jimmy Hart.

John Cena:
John Cena has three entrances; one with the WWE title, with the U.S. Title, and with no title. If you look closely to all of them notice they are different. With The WWE title, it shows John Cena spinning the WWE sign. In the U.S. Title,. every time John Cena spun the title with The WWE title it shows his back. With no title it shows John Cena spinning the title, but with no belt its seems like he is grabbing his stomach.

During season mode, John Cena is on SmackDown. However in real life he is on RAW. During exhibition mode, his photo has a red background which indicates he is a RAW superstar.

John Cena's spinning WWE title belt:
Win the SmackDown or RAW season to get the WWE Title. Go to Exhibition mode and choose "Title Match". If John Cena is not the WWE champion, choose him. After you have won, you get to choose the original WWE title belt or John Cena's Spinning WWE title belt.

Kurt Angle: Update finishers in Create A Move-set
Enter Create A Move-set and select Kurt Angle to edit. Select Special; Finishers. You will find an alternate version of both the Angle Slam Angle Slam 1 and Angle Lock Angle Lock 2 in the list, which were not assigned to him, yet are more updated in animation. Notably, the Angle Lock 2 moves a grapevine hold in the second part of the animation, which Angle has been known to use recently. The only drawback to these moves is that the announcers do not refer to them specifically, and the newer Angle Lock 2 does less damage to the leg. Also, for some reason Angle Slam 1 seems to have reversed head and body damage amounts from Angle Slam 2, making it damage the head instead of the body.

In GM mode, look at Lita's biography. It will say that she is from Sanford, New York. However, she is actually from Sanford, North Carolina.

Rob Conway:
Rob Conway has his new music Just Look At Me, but still has his clothes from La Resistance.

Select any match where you can see Robert Conway's entrance. SmackDown's Ring Announcer Tony Chimel will call him Rob Conway, but RAW's Ring Announcer Lillian Garcia will call him Robert Conway.

Royal Rumble match: Easy win
To easily win the Royal Rumble in season mode, just skip the match. It will cut to a scene of your wrestler celebrating the win. You will still get the money for winning the match.

To easily win the SmackDown Royal Rumble in season mode, you can just simply skip it. After you skip it, Kurt Angle usually will win, but after he wins Vince McMahon walks out and says that Kurt cheated and he will be disqualified. You will now only have fight the last five people instead of waiting for all thirty to come out. If you defeat the last five people, then season mode will continue as if you won the entire thirty man rumble.

You must win the Bar Brawl trophy.

Steve Austin:
You must finish the Raw Storyline.

Sylvain Greiner:
Sylvain Greiner has his new music and Titantron in the game, but is wearing his old La Resistance clothes. Also, Sylvain Greiner is known as Sylvan now.

Tag match: Easy wins
Get your submission level up so that you can win matches with submissions. This is much easier than going for a pin fall.

Tazz: Singing
To hear Tazz sing, select a match with Shawn Michaels and perform Sweet Chin Music on your opponent. Note: It must be a match that has the SmackDown brand commentary.

The Million Dollar Championship Belt:
You must win the Challenge Mode Legend trophy.

The Rock:
You must complete the Smackdown Storyline.

The Undertaker:
When you choose the Undertaker with your entrance on, the announcer will say "weighing in at 305 pounds" when the Undertaker is 328 pounds in real life.

Tiger Skin Rug:
You must win the Undertaker Urn trophy.

Title announcement:
If you are a title holder and are defending the belt, if you get counted out the announcer will say that your opponent is the new champ. However, when you go to save the game, it will say that you are still the champ.

Trophy List:
Tough Enough Trophy - Win 10 matches with a custom wrestler.
Match Veteran Trophy - Play each type of match in exhibition.
100 Wins Trophy - Accrue 100 wins.
Amateur Challenge Trophy - Clear all Amateur Level challenges.
Rising Star Trophy - Clear all Rising Star challenges.
WWE Superstar Trophy - Clear all WWE Superstar challenges.
WWE Legend Trophy - Clear all WWE Legend challenges.
WWE Challenge Trophy - Clear all of the pre-set challenges.
Legend Killer Trophy - Rank first in the Legend Battle Royale season mode.
Undertaker's Urn Trophy - Beat The Undertaker in the Buried Alive match season mode.
Royal Rumble Trophy - Rank first in the Royal Rumble season mode.
Elimination Chamber Trophy - Clear the elimination chamber match on legend difficulty.
Bar Room Brawl Trophy - Succesfully win the Bar Room Brawl season mode.

Wrong day:
During a match, RAW's commentators will refer to SmackDown being on Thursdays. However, SmackDown's commentators will refer to SmackDown being on Fridays. Smackdown used to be on Thursdays, but is now on Fridays.

When in GM mode, Taboo Tuesday is on a Sunday instead of a Tuesday like the PPV should be.

Wrong gender:
Select a match with a special referee and make the referee a female superstar. The announcers will make references to the referee as if she were a male.

Sometimes during a Fulfill Your Fantasy match or other matches, the announcers will refer to female superstars as "he".

Get outside ring in cagefight:
If you let your opponent get to the very top of the cage in a cage match, when he nearly has 1 foot over bring him down and you will be outside of the ring

Get lots of exp points:
Create a CAW that is a super heavyweight and raise his attributes as high as you can by playing in season mode. Then go to the CAW menu and make a copy of him. Go into the copied wrestler's profile and change his weight to DIVA weight and exit. Exit CAW by going to continue but don't save. All the experience points from the copied wrestler will disappear and be placed back in your experience pool. You'll get a ton of experience points and can do it over and over CAW = create a wrestler

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