WWF Smackdown 2 - Complete Guide v07


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Complete Guide v0.7

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by Steve Saunders

Unlock Characters

Stone Cold
Play until Backlash

Shawn Michaels
Play until Judgement Day

Mean Street Posse
Play until Royal Rumble

Cactus Jack
Beat him at Wrestlemania in a Hell in a Cell

Beat him the 2nd year at Wrestlemania in a Hell in a Cell

Mick Foley
Beat him on January 4th 1st Year

Billy Gunn
Play until King of the Ring

Unknown People
Will come at certain times through the season

Michael Cole
Play until they open up WWF New York

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Double Team Moves

Irish whip your opponent to your corner. Go to him and stand face to face press any direction and the grapple button. Your character will tag your partner and do their double team move.
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Get out of Cell

Whip someone towards one of the lighter colored panels and the panel comes off. They will fly through the ropes. You can then climb the cage by going next to it and pressing R1.
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How to get weapons at single match

Bang your opponent on the steel steps. Then you realize that the steel steps can be picked up.
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Tag Team Table Match

Beat King of the Ring on Hard with either Buh Buh Ray or DVon.
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Put Opponent Through Table

Irish Whip your opponent onto the table and press Circle Down to execute a pile driver through the table.
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Hints on Casket Match

Once you beat your opponent into the casket press X to knock him back into the casket and shut it closed.
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Fast Moves

Off the top of the rope hold R1 and the move will go twice as fast.
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Get TLC Match

Select Exhibition King of the Ring Special Tourh3nt Jeff Hardy.
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