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Game Cheats:

Effect - Code:

Activate cheats - idkfa
All weapons, ammo and level portal artiffact - rambo
Commit suicide - iddqd
God mode - quicken
Level up - shazam

Unlock Characters:
The following characters will become unlocked when you complete the indicated task. Once unlocked these characters can be selected before you begin the game.

Agnes the Witch:
Kill 200 Slimes

Algorab the Alchemist:
Deal 35,000 damage with alchemic weapons

Cid the Seer:
Kill 250 Carrots

Corvus the Vampire:
Kill 5,000 enemies

Glyndor the Battlemage:
Kill 120 Orcs

Hadar the Templar:
Kill 25 Demons

Jules the Harlequin:
Open 10 mystery boxes

Kraz the Novice:
Kill 200 enemies with the magic wand

Leto the Cleric:
Kill 200 Imps

Loki the Vagabond:
Play 20 games

Menzi the Shaman:
Kill 40 Shamans

Osuna the Bard:
Kill 250 Kobolds

Rigel the Acrobat:
Deal 15,000 damage with staves

Saiph the Librarian:
Deal 25,000 damage with spells

Simon the Sorcerer:
Win the game

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