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Your personal and worlds first REALTIME 3D animated virtual instructor takes care of your health and keeps you fit-at-work ... directly at your PC !

For anyone working with a Windows PC
Your cybergirl Kim "lives" in your computer and directs you individually to take regular short breaks !

You can take your creative breaks as usual or allow yourself some more relaxation with varyingly arranged exercises - precisely presented by Kim ... you just have to follow !

With 36+ realtime 3D animated exercises
You have permanent access to a big, extendable and individually customizable pool of thoroughly selected 3D animated exercises !

The exercises have been developed by physicians especially for computer workers. You can learn them very easily by simply following her motions and you will have a new experience: you can move your "teacher" in any direction - so you won't miss any detail !

Your new friend takes care of you
With an intelligent and individually configurable monitoring mode you can easily integrate her into your daily working routine !

So you can easily avoid pains caused by lack of motion, improve your sense of time, strengthen your self-discipline, reduce your stress ... and you will have much more fun and success at work !

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