Fury Game Client

Fury Game Client Fury Game Client Fury Game Client Fury Game Client

Enter into a world of merciless combat and blood thirsty competition, and enjoy the unrivalled challenge of facing human opponents right from the point of stepping into battle.
FURY - the revolutionary Player versus Player, Massively Multiplayer Online game (PvP MMO).

Unlike most other games, Fury doesn't shackle you with class restrictions. It won't make you grind levels for months before you can begin PvP, and it won't make you fight a single mob.
The intense speed of Fury's combat is unlike anything you have ever seen in an MMO. Most of your abilities are instant-cast, which allows you to traverse obstacles and chase fleeing enemies instead of being frozen in place waiting for a spell to finish casting.

Wrapped around the pure adrenaline rush of the gladiatorial combat is an in-depth character advancement system that lets you unlock over 400 abilities which you can use to develop a character-class all of your own. Add a huge array of powerful weaponry and spells, with Clan and individual Ladders to dominate, and you have a formula that is guaranteed to bring out the competitive spirit in you.

The time has come. Unleash the Fury!

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