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Infestation is a vehicle-based combat and exploration game with a large emphasis on diverse gameplay. The single player game features a mission-based campaign where the player is able to freely travel between twenty two different worlds, researching new weapons and vehicle modes as they progress.
The multiplayer mode features four completely different game styles, including racing and football.
Five vehicle modes - switch between a range of vehicles to solve different mission problems, Twenty two worlds - each very different, and with varied puzzles to solve to dispose of the alien infestation , Research alien technology - use your scientists to acquire alien knowledge and devices, Varied devastating weapons - try attaching limpet mines to alien craft as they return to their base, Many multi-player games in one - football, racing, capture the flag, and 'buggy madness'.
The Infestation demo is now available. Play through the first two levels, and check out the cool Powerball multiplayer mode.
Two demos are available. The actual demo content is exactly the same, but the first has no installer (and requires you to have DirectX 7 installed on your machine) and the second is a fully installable demo which will install DirectX for you if required.

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