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Steel Beasts is a highly accurate simulator of the US M1A1 and German Leopard 2A4 tanks that is designed to let players create and play scenarios of modern armored warfare on their PCs. Steel Beasts can be played on many different levels: from gunner in a single tank to company commander. Any mission can also be played over a network (e.g., the Internet) with any combination of cooperative and competitive style of play, including multiple players in a single tank. Powerful and easy-to-use scenario and map editors allow players to create virtually any mission they can dream up.

The individual mission (or scenario) is the core of Steel Beasts. Each mission has three distinct phases:

The planning phase, in which a military-style text briefing and interactive maps are presented to the player for planning the mission.

The execution phase, in which the simulation runs in real time, and the player can experience the virtual 3D battlefield from a first-person point of view in the tank commander's or gunner's position, or from an external view, in combination with a military-style map.

The debriefing phase, in which the results of the scenario are displayed, along with key events during the mission.

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