Biggest games of E3

Biggest games of E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, is just around the corner and with it will come all of the biggest games announcements of the year. There have been plenty of pre-show announcements, a number of leaks and heaps of speculation about what we can expect at the event, so taking all of that into consideration, these are the biggest games of E3 that we're looking forward to finding out more about.

Battlefield V

Sure it's a major franchise and yes, that trailer rubbed a few people the wrong way for its blend of over the top action, some (mostly perceived) historical inaccuracies, and bumped up saturation, but Battlefield in World War II is an exciting setting and E3 will showcase the game like never before.

Battlefield V will not only be set in the largest theatre of war ever, but will be designed around encouraging gamers to group together and play objectives, rather than just shoot each other down. There will be new, ammo supply concerns, as well as the ability to build and fortify defences.

It'll have a campaign too, which the CoD haters will certainly enjoy.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red's next big game post Witcher 3 has been in development for more than six years at this point and we may finally see a release date at this year's E3. If not, at least some more footage of the game would be appreciated, as we've seen precious little of that either.

Based off of the pen and paper role playing experience known as Cyberpunk 2020, the new CD Projekt Red game will offer single and multiplayer modes in a gritty, alternative 1980s future with heaps of human augmentation. Bring on the wrist blades and squirt gun hallucinogens.

Death Stranding

It might be a PS4 exclusive, but Death Stranding is one of the most intriguing games in development today. Combining the talents of Hideo Kojima, Junji Ito and Guillermo Del Toro, it has the potential to be a supremely scary and mind-bending experience. Effectively it's the Silent Hills talent but on a different game. With Norman Reedus.

We have no idea what this game is like to play, but it's said to be a single player experience with online elements.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Another PS4 title (for now) the remake of Final Fantasy VII is slated to be a little different from its original form, with newly enhanced combat and certainly vastly improved visuals. It's the game that fans have been waiting for for more than a decade.

Will it stand up to the hype and anticipation? It seems unlikely, but you never know and we're still pumped to find out more at this year's E3.

Metro Exodus

Although not typically considered a mainstream, AAA franchise, Metro Exodus could be a graphical showcase like no other. Its predecessors have a penchant for being hauntingly pretty with all of the ugly mutants on show. With the promise of ray-tracing support in the new game, we expect the next entry to be one of the best looking games ever made.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar might be a bit of a money grabbing developer these days, with more interest in making expensive DLC than new games, but GTA in the Wild West is still something people are particularly excited about. Red Dead Recemption 2 has been long teased and when the new trailer appeared not too long ago, it turned a lot of heads.

We expect much more on show from this game at E3 2018, with possibly some playable gameplay for attendees on the show floor.

Pokémon Switch

A home-console, main-series Pokémon RPG has been something fans of the franchise have hoped for since the early 90s and finally in 2019 they'll get their wish. Although Game Freak is likely to push its new Pokémon-Go linked games on the Switch first and foremost, we have our fingers crossed for some new details on the proper Switch Pokémon game coming next year too.


This is just a handful of big games we're hyped for at this year's E3 show. Which ones are you looking forward to seeing more of the most?