Don't worry, Intel isn't about to increase CPU prices

Don't worry, Intel isn't about to increase CPU prices

Rumors posted on a number of websites yesterday were claiming that Intel was preparing to increase prices of its CPU range across the board, but these are, thankfully, not true. In a statement released to the press, Intel has confirmed these claims are not true.

It’s rare that a company would respond to speculation about price changes, but Intel has chosen to make an exception this time around, categorically stating that it has not sent any letters or messages to customers or partners warning of price increases. The full statement is as follows:

"Generally, Intel does not comment on speculation regarding price changes to its portfolio. However, we can confirm that Intel has not sent the letter described to customers or partners and has not initiated a price change to its CPU portfolio at this time. We have no further comment to share on the matter."

Admittedly, the original report, while somewhat plausible, wasn’t built on the strongest evidence. The claim came from a forum member on PCGHX who claimed letters had been sent to wholesalers, explaining that prices for CPUs would be rising within a few weeks. The reasons given for the price rise included "restructuring" as well as additional finance for new and existing fab construction projects. The indea that Intel would make such excuses to wholesalers or feel the need to justify itself was what pushed parts of this report into question, and it’s good that Intel has come out and denied the reports.

The price ranges, as originally claimed, would have impacted on all of Intel’s current lineup of processors, including Lake, Raptor Lake, and Raptor Lake Refresh, and even the upcoming Core and Core Ultra chips. To say that we’re relieved, as customers ourselves, is an understatement.

Of course, at no point did Intel rule out future price hikes, only quashing the idea that price rises were on their way soon. However, it would be strange to expect Intel to keep to the same prices forever — though it’s nice they’re not on their way right now. Especially as he CPU market continues to struggle through a somewhat tough time.