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Alone on Proxima is a Top-Down Survival Shooter, situated on the hostile planet Proxima. You play as the captain of an elite space force, leading a colonization research mission.

After your spacecraft collides with an asteroid on entry into Proxima's atmosphere, your priorities change and you must abandon the research mission in order to survive, repair your ship and return home.

To get off Proxima you will need to assist your AI Spacecraft by searching the planets surface to retrieve its lost power cores, which were ejected from your spacecraft before collision.

Sounds simple? But... 'You're not alone!'

Rush into combat wielding your hi-tech Assault Rifle and slay hordes of freakish alien enemies with different traits and attacks.

Repair and defend your ship from hordes of enemies as you retrieve your spacecrafts power cores to escape the hellish planet.

Find the cores and leave Proxima ASAP, or hang around, hunt more aliens and go for the high score? The choice is yours, sir!

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