Train Free Full Game

Train Free Full Game Train Free Full Game Train Free Full Game Train Free Full Game

Train is a narrative-driven, conversation-based art game about journeys, destinations, and reconciling perspectives. Touching upon difficult social topics such as socioeconomic inequality and privilege, Train seeks to help players connect to those topics by showing how they impact people's lives, told through an organic, rocky, human narrative.


• Explore the game's unique Topic Bubble conversation system, which opens up exponentially more branching conversations as the story progresses.
• Enjoy 5 contemplative minigames, each drawn in a unique way by a team of artists in a "short film compilation fashion", and discover how their mechanics are relevant to the story.
• Do you often lose your spot in narrative games? Don't worry - the Star Chart dialogue tree system will help you keep your place and track conversations.
• Accessibility options for the hearing impaired and colorblind.

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