Cordyceps Free Full Game

Cordyceps Free Full Game Cordyceps Free Full Game Cordyceps Free Full Game Cordyceps Free Full Game

Protect the Girl, Seek Safety, Stop the Music...

Set in Medieval Times, an exiled Knight travels to a distant village in hopes of starting a new life. After discovering a terrible fate has fallen onto the town, he tasks himself with protecting a small girl found in the village from a flesh-hungry monster that roams the area. The monster is controlled by music that is being played on a pipe organ at the villages cathedral. The player must find 2 objects; a key to unlock the cathedral and a tool to stop the pipe organ. While protecting the little girl, the player must find their way to the cathedral and stop the pipe organ.

Game Overview:

Cordyceps is a horror survival game with a Fixed-Camera System and retro art style. The game is made in Unreal Engine 4 and uses downgrades assets to create a retro PSP look. The player is tasked with finding 2 objective items within a survival map section without being killed by the monster. The main objective is to protect the little girl that the player finds once arriving in the village and kill the monster by stopping the music.


WASD - Movement

E - Interact

TAB - Objective

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