Crazy Steam Bros 2 Free Full Game


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Crazy Steam Bros is a classical horizontal shoot'em up inspired by the gameplay of old arcades. Anton and Dupont are brothers, inventors, and a little mad also! With the help of their landlady, Miss Lily, they must defeat the evil Baron and their hordes of moustached soldiers. Fly the "SteaMobile" trough five levels of steampunk action. Traverse cities, jungles, caves and more. Collect Power-Ups for your machine and defeat the bad tempered bosses before the tea time!

The complete game "Crazy Steam Bros 2". Zipped in the file there are versions for Windows, macOS and Linux.

For Windows, just open the .EXE, you don't need to install anything. On the Linux version (Compiled on Ubuntu), you may have to give permission to the executable to run as a program from the file properties. For MacOS, the .app is compressed inside the ZIP file.

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