Cross-Counter Free Full Game

Cross-Counter Free Full Game Cross-Counter Free Full Game

Cross-Counter is a third person, one on one, player versus environment, arcade boxing game that is predicated upon the usage of the titular boxing move the “Cross-Counter”. For the uninitiated, the “Cross-counter”, is a boxing move that is a counter-hit where you strike the opponent with a cross (a punch done with the dominant hand) as they are attempting to hit you with a jab(a punch done with the lead hand aka the hand closes to striking the opponent). This technique also involves a slip so that the combatant doing the cross doesn´t get hit by the jab. 

Real-Life Example.

To achieve this, the player will have to read the opponent´s current emotions, which will communicate what move they are using so that the player can prepare the appropriate response. For example, if an opponent starts getting scared because they fear the player, they are more likely to use weaker and safer moves to fight, which could make them easily predictable and liable to a Cross-Counter. This is what Cross-Counter is all about.

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