The Cure: Peculiar Pestilence Free Full Game


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The Black Plague is upon us, or is it something else entirely? Can you find THE CURE?

You thought everything would be normal when your mentor left town for the week, but suddenly the people of your town started getting sick! Now it's up to you to be the apothecary you were always meant to be! (or at least, you hope you were meant to be...)

Meet with patients presenting various symptoms. Experiment with different ingredients to derive new treatments and determine the best combination of ingredients to treat symptoms. Be careful! Some combinations may do more harm than good...

As you monitor the overall health of the population, see if you can prevent rampant disease spread. Or keep everyone alive long enough for your mentor to get back and help manage the situation. Best of luck, young apothecary!

• HUGE variety of sicknesses and symptoms for the player to treat.
• 36+ different unique potion combinations, each with different properties!
• An adorable apprentice plague doctor trying very hard to treat his dozens of patients.
• Gregorian chanting from members of the team!

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