Deathlord Relorded v0.9.4.2

Deathlord Relorded v0.9.4.2 Deathlord Relorded v0.9.4.2 Deathlord Relorded v0.9.4.2

Greetings from the Deathlord

Stupid adventurers! Your weak party is not enough to stop even my most slack-spined drone. I would encourage you to stay in the security of your little homes. but I thrive on misery and dread. Your futile quest to stop me is sure to yield just that. Even if you defeat my lowly pawn, you still must answer to me, face to face. Should you insist on pursuing this fatal course, I offer these clues: seven words, six items, and your ineptitude prevent us from meeting. Go now. And prepare to embrace your Emperor in my hell.

---=== Deathlord Relorded ===---

A combination of Ultima and Wizardry, Deathlord was first released for the Apple 2 and C64 platforms in 1987. It is notorious for being the most difficult and sadistic RPG ever created, dwarfing even Wizardry 4. In this reworking of the game, most of the frustrating aspects have been smoothed out, the game now plays in 1920x1080 resolution with a massive increase in map visibility, much nicer visuals, etc..

Except for the removal of permadeath, the difficulty remains. The dungeon puzzles are still the same, and if you're able to get through the 16th level of dungeon Telegrond you can consider yourself a true master of RPGs.

The original code still runs completely untouched, so you are guaranteed to get the exact same behavior by monsters and other NPCs as the original game. You can in fact toggle the original interface from 1987 by pressing `F11` at any time.

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