FODDER Free Full Game

FODDER Free Full Game

In a world struck by a massive food crisis, desperation leads the president to make a dire pact with the devil. The gates of hell are flung open, unleashing a nightmarish realm where humanity must farm demon meat to survive.

Dive down to hell through pipes and passages in this 2D platformer with a twist: instead of going side to side, you go down. Defeat demons to advance through the tunnelling pipes! Along the way, gather resources to craft essential items to help you defeat the enemies. 

Every few levels, you can activate the Harvest; You must escape molten lava flooding the pipes, collecting meat on your flee to the surface. The meat is exchanged for cash, which can be used to purchase upgrades and items in the shop.


Resource Collection and Crafting:

  • Collect items from defeated monsters.
  • Use resources to create weapons, respawns, and upgrades for speed and damage.
  • Click items in your inventory to move them and create upgrade combinations.


Critical Hit:

  • Shoot enemies while touching them to deal more damage and drop more items.


The Harvest Phase:

  • Every few levels, trigger the Harvest, causing lava to flood the pipes.
  • Make your way back up, collecting as much demon meat as possible (shoot the meat to collect it).


Selling and Upgrading:

  • After the Harvest, visit the shop to sell your demon meat.
  • Use the meat as currency to buy items and upgrades.



  • Use WASD (or arrow keys) to move your character
  • Space = Jump
  • Left mouse button = Shoot
  • Use your mouse to aim
  • To climb walls, jump and hold the key towards the wall
  • Shoot downwards to gain an extra jump boost

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