Drifter Free Full Game

Drifter Free Full Game Drifter Free Full Game Drifter Free Full Game Drifter Free Full Game


You are a drifter. You've been endowed with powers from higher entities, enabling you to shift between dimensions in altered states of consciousness. 

Unfortunately, a brutal alien death cult is holding you captive and conducting weird medical experiments on you. They aim to harness your abilities for their own ends. 

Journey through this psychedelic, sci-fi, surrealist horror game where we explore the terror of the unknown, the power of dreams, and the horrifying fathoms of the human heart.



Drifter is an immersive, dialogue-driven first person experience with psychedelically dazzling lo-fi environments and effects. Interact via branching dialogue and explore surreal environments in this compacted, narrative-led adventure.

Content Warning: violence/blood, body horror, torture, flashing lights & loud noises.



  • WASD - Movement
  • Mouse and Left Click - Look and select dialogue
  • E - interact

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