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Elementus is a 4-player co-op action/adventure platforming game developed by Harrison Dempsey, Luke Pendleton, Denny Yeung, and Thomas Ramos for EECS 494 - Introduction to Game Development at the University of Michigan.

Elementus is centered around four magical heroes who possess arcane mastery of earth, fire, water, and air elements. The game itself is an adventure game where players are tasked with fighting enemies and solving puzzles. Players must be adept at combat and platforming to reclaim the Elementus stone.

The game requires four players with gamepads in a local multiplayer environment. Playing with less than 4 players will result in an incomplete experience of the game.

Music - Jacob Emery
Art - Cameron Searles
Voice acting by
Airick - Wind Player
Daeleth - Earth, Water Players
Flashzoid - Fire Player

Open sources art/music assets used, with licenses attached.

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