Factor X


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Factor X is what resulted after the vision to have "the most violent click game ever." It certainly evolved a good deal from that version.

Factor X is a massive compilation of a 23 level story mode with 4 bosses and 3 bonus levels, an arcade mode where you compete for highscores and collect "FX" icons, as well as 3 secret modes of gameplay. Each of the secret modes is large enough to be a game by itself.
The music, an excellent selection of MOD files, and the graphics are all original. The gameplay is similar to the amazing classic Destruction Carnival, but Factor X has significantly revamped the classic. 10 normal weapons and 3 more secret ones as well as 5 normal enemies to battle. You will not be disappointed by this modern classic.

NOTE* You need to have the file cncs232.dll in your "C:windowssystem" directory. If you don't already have it download it from here

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