The Fire of Ardor - Quest for the Soul Stone Free Full Game


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The Fire of Ardor - Quest for the Soul Stone is a free single player dungeon crawler with RPG elements and realtime combat.

Plot & Gameplay

You play a nameless hero who fights his way through a dungeon in order to acquire the soul stone that opens the dimension gate to the realm of the daemon lord Ardor.

In order to obtain the soul stone, you will explore the doomed town, visit its last inhabitant Randuras, an old wizard and fight your way through the upper and lower dungeons of the silver mountain, using your rusty sword and fireball spells.

Three different NPCs will support you with potions that restore your health and mana.

The game is controlled using mouse and keyboard; the key bindings are configurable.

• Four different world sections
• Realtime combat with sword and fireball spells
• Seven different types of enemies
• Three different NPCs
• A boss fight
• Configurable key bindings
• Save the game at any time

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