Five Days a Stranger


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Five Days a Stranger is an extremely well made horror adventure game which will keep you on the edge of your seat. The game is such an engaging experience that it qualifies for the title of psychological horror rather than providing pure slasher-type thrills.

Five Days is a medium-length free adventure game with a haunted mansion theme, made with the AGS Engine.

Star of the game is Trilby, mysterious, cunning and immaculately dressed, he is an enigma to his contemporaries and a nightmare to his pursuers. An expert at stealth, gymnastics and lockpicking, he can get in and out of any stronghold before anyone even realises he's in the area. Having evaded the police for many years and restricted himself to robbing only the rich, Trilby has made himself out as something of a hero to the downtrodden. He doesn't make mistakes often, but breaking into DeFoe Manor may be his worst, and potentially, his last...

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