Jolt Online Gaming, an independent online gaming network, has announced its support for Londinivm. Currently in development at Londinivm Productions, Londinivm is a browser-based RPG that is totally free and requires no downloads. Set during the historically fascinating era of Roman-ruled Britain, the game has already won a loyal fan base thanks to its completely open testing and friendly volunteer staff.

Now Londinivm Productions has teamed up with Jolt, which is providing the site design and infrastructure while the development team focuses on the game design and technology. The game's brand-new and highly usable website, found by following the download tab above, offers free and easy registration.

Londinivm is just the type of game that appeals to our diverse community of online gamers and we look forward to further supporting and expanding the game's already loyal player base, commented Jolt's CEO, Dominic Silk, The fact that it's free to play and requires no downloads makes it ideal for those taking a work break or simply enjoying their free time at home.

In Londinivm players create characters from one of eight unique classes which they can then use to participate in arena combat, engage in spying and thievery, become a master crafter or even a rich trader. Most importantly Londinivm provides a tight-knit community atmosphere through in-game mechanics and out-of-game forums. Players can even set up their own tribe and work towards a common goal; the world of Londinivm is fully open to player actions and influence.

We're confident that players won't have experienced anything like Londinivm before, said Gavin Hickman of Londinivm Productions, Our game systems are totally unique and we have professionally created graphics that help players to customise their characters for others to see. We're grateful to Jolt for their support in helping us bring the game we envisioned to players worldwide.