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Gehinnom is a survival horror game, Face the demons from the depths of hell.

After years of treatment, you find yourself in a hospital bed, unable to keep fighting.
Once your body reaches the afterlife, you see the gates of heaven.

By a great amount of misfortune, you fall into the deeps of hell, aka Gehinnom.
In this game, every run is a new experience.

Your mission is to collect clues for the ritual, with those clues you will have a list of items to gather to perform the ritual.

• Random Scares
Every run in Gehinnom is unique, with dynamic scares based on the player's location and actions.

• Strategize & Win
There are a number of items you can use to your advantage, make sure to coordinate with your teammates for maximum efficiency.

• Dynamic Objectives
Even though your goal is always to perform a ritual, the ritual location, items, and clues are all randomly generated.

• An authentic sense of horror
It's dark, it's quiet, it's frightening. The feeling of uneasiness is the way of Gehinnom.

until it's too late - and then you die.

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