Grand'ma and the Flowers Free Full Game


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Find your missing grandmother, making the red flowers she loved so much bloom, in this narrative platformer.
Each level is an opportunity to learn a little more about your grandmother's life.

Be careful, however, not to make too many flowers bloom, or you risk crushing them, your grandmother would not appreciate.

This game features:
• 30 different levels, with at least 3 unique ways to complete it
• 2 optional achievement for each level for various challenges
• Digitally drawn art design
• 4 distinct types of flower with specific abilities
• Emotional story given through more than 30 dialog scene
• Difficulty customizable experience

Overnight, your grandmother disappeared.

As her granddaughter, you set out to find her.

Following the trail of mysterious red flowers that your grandmother was particularly fond of, you gradually start to figure out your grandmother's journey.

During this investigation you'll immerse yourself in the family history and more particularly in the spirit of the line of women who composed it.

Keyboard controls
Arrows to move
Space to jump / select menu / read dialog
Escape to quit / go back to menu
R to restart current level

Xbox gamepad controls
Left stick to move
A button to jump / select menu / read dialog
B button to quit / go back to menu
Rb / Rt triggers to restart current level

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