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Horrorween is a short but sweet game which captures the seasonal atmosphere and will immerse you in the holiday spirit. Fight your way through your enemies, mutilate and cause some serious damage at will and get your name posted on the Internet high score table.
The creators of the game have made their own engine for it, called Basilisk, and the game is just right for the specific holiday it refers to. As we said, the game is short and sweet, just like the holiday.

Game features

- unlockable levels
- unlockable game modes
- tons of enemies
- 4 deadly weapons, that will even scare the dead!
- Spooky atmosphere
- Online hiscore system to compete with the world

Technical features

- Ultra fast Basilisk engine
- OpenGL / DirectX / Software rendering drivers
- 3D rendered graphics
- 44 KHz sound, Digital music

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