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I Am Still Alive is an atmospheric role-playing indie game that puts you in the shoes of an enigmatic girl known as Emily- although you won't always be controlling her. A world is dying, and its residents have lost all hope entirely. After waking up inside this world, with no recollection of her life prior to her awakening, the mysterious "Emily" decides to give it her all to save what little she can.

This game is divided into seven acts, that will be released one by one in updates. The first act tells about Emily's awakening in a strange new location, while the rest slowly solve the mysteries you've been introduced to in an intriguing manner.


• Multiple playable protagonists, each with their own act in the game •
• A complex, overarching story full of questions and answers •
• A focus on depth and consistency for every element of the game •
• Variations in dialogue based on your performance in battle •
• A dynamic cast of characters, and many ways to grow closer to your allies •
• Many different secrets to be discovered •
• A soundtrack made up of songs from a wide variety of artists •
• A bizarre spin on traditional RPG mechanics •
• And much, much more. •

The Stories:

Waking up in the yard of an unfamiliar mansion, an amnesiac girl who believes her name is "Emily" sets off to save the world she finds herself in, despite losing her memory. In her possession is the Argentum Fidei, a sword that is powered by the faith others have in her. Her capability to save the few survivors of an unknown disaster relies on how effectively she can make others believe in her. Hopelessness is everywhere, and yet, it is something she cannot afford.

When The Smoke Clears
But what events led to the world being in such a deprived state? Learn the history of this strange world by viewing its past. Explore the downfall of Cinder, a well-known hero who, according to the legends, gave his life to rescue his people from an immensely powerful threat known as Pades.

The Gilded Prince
Arriving on the continent of Orsitan, Prince Theodore Wren finds himself in the company of the scholar Osilus, who educates him on their world's guardians- the Wardens. Of the original Wardens, only one remains- the Gilded Wolf, Acacius. Theodore is then contacted by Acacius himself, and is given a task to carry out in order to protect the innocent and earn the Warden's respect. Luckily, he's not alone.

Subterranean Sorrows
In an attempt to stop the darkness overtaking the world, scholar Osilus sets out to a sealed-off underground tunnel known as the Concealed Bastille, with an unexpected ally tagging along. Osilus finds that not only is the tunnel far more dangerous than he initially expected, but as the tunnel has sunk deeper into the ground over the years, there's no way out. The only way out is to reach the exit, but there's a reason the tunnel was sealed in the first place...

Lonesome Tempest
The story of the enigmatic person named Gaile is finally made clear. After waking up at what appears to be a crash site, they must search for clues to discover the series of events that led to their arrival in Orsitan. But perhaps some stones are best left unturned...

The Outsider

The Final Story

This game contains very brief and infrequent examples of startling/flashing imagery, as well as mentions of depression and self-harm. Please exercise caution if either of these things could pose an issue for you.
Heavily inspired by games like OFF, HOME, Creepy Castle, and Okage: Shadow King.

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