Sunken Free Full Game

Sunken Free Full Game Sunken Free Full Game Sunken Free Full Game Sunken Free Full Game

Sunken - Lovecraftian horror adventure, where you play as unknown protagonist. Working as a night shift staff member and taking care of the beach, every day you struggle as the environment around you changes. Certain events trigger your sanity, which slowly decays into madness.

Game has 3 Endings.
Time completion is around 15-20 minutes.

The game features deep Lovecraftian lore, elements of cosmic horror and action, which includes avoiding the monster and trying to complete daily tasks. This game is a special surprise to my fans and I've worked on this for over 4 week period. I do hope you enjoy the game and wish you the best experience.

Special thanks to Vazahat, owner of the YouTube Channel Glitched Velocity for providing a crosshair script and the entire community of Copper Cube users, for being very supportive and humble.

Glitched Velocity
Download the file for compatible device. Extract the folder and play.

Movement W,A,S,D
Interaction LMB
Sprinting/Running Shift Key
Restart R Key
Flashlight Space
F Key

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