The Kraken Regime Free Full Game

The Kraken Regime Free Full Game

The Kraken Regime, a brutal authoritarian military government that has been waging a war for years and conquering countries in a seemingly endless campaign. The united militaries of the remaining free world have mounted a powerful counter offensive that has seen the reach of the Kraken Regime broken, but intelligence has confirmed that their military scientists have been researching a powerful last ditch effort to crush the free world once and for all.

Mount an offensive with your warship and eliminate the naval fleet of the Kraken Regime and uncover the truth behind the secret weapon the Kraken Regime is developing. 

Some secrets must remain hidden...



W/S: Forward/Backwards

A/D: Rotate Left/Right

F: Fire main canon (Locks onto enemy)

Q/E: Fire Port/Starboard guns

Tab: Fire Torpedo


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