Lemmingball Z Update


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LBZ is a small parodie on Dragonball Z. It's quite fun to watch cute lemmings annihilate each other DBZ style!

Lemmingball Z started out as a windows game but now exists on both Linux and Windows machines.

Update Details:

Made the game more open so you can edit it!
-Also made it possible to specify sprites PER-CHARACTER!
-wrote some tutorials on how to edit stuff.
-Introduced new kameramode.
-Press f1 to take screenshots!
-Third rewrite of TK move, less abuse!
-Added the menu made by raiko.
-Added freeza character.
-Added more sprites for moves.
-Made the select screen use pictures instead of models(for performance)
And i fixed the following bugs:
-Kamehameha/spriritbomb netgame crash
-Memory leak in the select screen
-Memory leak in exit code.
-Memory leaks in netplay (several)
-Several other bugs: the total list was 45 lines long....

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