NIMRODS Free Full Game

NIMRODS Free Full Game NIMRODS Free Full Game NIMRODS Free Full Game NIMRODS Free Full Game

In a vast, inhospitable alien world, you are the expendable. Cloned from DNA for a single purpose: to test the most devastating, over-the-top weaponry known to the galaxy. Welcome to NIMRODS, the ultimate survival roguelite shooter where the guns you craft are the legacy you leave.

Past Meets Present
Experience the innovative roguelite loop where your previous gun builds aren't just memories—they're your backup! Deploy guns crafted from past runs in drones to assist the next grunt. Every run is a legacy. Every weapon, a testament.

Boundless Exploration
Traverse an expansive alien landscape filled with unique points of interest. Every venture is a voyage into the unknown, every location a potential goldmine of rare resources.

Assemble the Unthinkable
Break the game with your creativity. Collect insane weapon parts from airdrops and craft combinations so powerful, so bizarre, that they have to be seen to be believed.

Survive... At Any Cost
As the corporate overlords watch from above, you're constantly faced with hordes of relentless aliens. Complete myriad missions, stack bodies, and remember: you may not make it, but your guns will.

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