Olive's Art-Venture Free Full Game

Olive's Art-Venture
Olive's Art-Venture
Olive's Art-Venture


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Olive's Art-Venture is a spell-slinging arena and mobbing game.
Use the paper on the right side of the screen to draw shapes
which then cast spells, damaging enemies and protecting you.
Every level introduces a new enemy as you attempt to make
your way to the top floor and kick whoever's butt built
this crazy place!

+ Left Mouse Click - Draw on paper / Cast spell / Select option / Interact
+ W - Move Up
+ A - Move Left
+ S - Move Down
+ D - Move Right
+ ESCAPE - Pause the game and change settings.
+ UP ARROW - Move Up
+ LEFT ARROW - Move Left
+ DOWN ARROW - Move Down
+ RIGHT ARROW - Move Right
+ P - Pause the game and change settings.

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