The Other Side Free Full Game

The Other Side Free Full Game The Other Side Free Full Game The Other Side Free Full Game

"The Other Side" is a puzzle horror game, where you secretly drill through a reinforced metal wall using a janky drill. You have to repair and maintain the drill throughout the process, using tools and other pieces of equipment to pinpoint and fix the issues that occur. Before you finally break through the wall.


15-18 minute playthrough.
Jury-rigged drill that has many configurable components.
10 pieces of separate equipment required to maintain the drill.
No hand holding. Undecorated terminal text will guide your path.
Original soundtrack by Jabbu.


The game takes place in a cramped storage room inside a sprawling, windowless shelter built thousands of years ago. The smell of rust and decay lingers in the air. Nobody thinks about trying to go outside, because they don't know it exists. And those that do - they're quickly eliminated. There's a reason everyone is in this shelter, and the officers make sure everyone stays inside.

After an explosion blew on the surface level, in the doorless, windowless and cramped shelter, the crowd that gathered around all saw a glimpse of The Other Side. After the scene was cleared, and the hole walled off, over 200 people were killed. Nobody must know of the outside.

But they forgot one person.

Ever since, you've been fabricating a drill that can break through the reinforced wall of the shelter. Months of prototyping, noise complaints, bribes and close calls have lead up to this point. Today is the day you escape this hell, and find out the truth.


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