RATMAN Free Full Game

RATMAN Free Full Game RATMAN Free Full Game RATMAN Free Full Game RATMAN Free Full Game

RATMAN is a VHS found footage styled survival horror FPS focusing on combat and atmosphere as well as drawing inspiration from V/H/S/94 movie & F.E.A.R games.

A marine is sent on a mission into a sewer system to investigate the current rumors in the news about a cryptid creature said to have eaten many homeless people and a military officer most recently. The unidentified creature is said to roam below the city in the depths of the sewers, fight for your survival if you want to make it out in one piece or be skinned alive by ratman and his minions. It's up to you.

Controls & Info:

• WASD = Movement Q/E = LEAN
• Left Shift = Run / Sprint CTRL = Crouch X = Crawl SPACE = Jump
• F = Take item / Interact ( Hold F to drag oil drums )
• RMB = Zoom / Aim / Block / Flashlight on / off.
• LMB = Attack / Slash / Fire weapon
• SCROLL MOUSE WHEEL = Switch between weapons
• G = Throw grenade
• Z = Free aiming mode on / off
• ESC = Shut down application and return to desktop
• NOTE: Underwater physics are present, here you can swim in all directions and have limited breath time, get air before you die when you start to lose your breath.
• Game duration short: 15-25 minutes ( depends on skill )

Best played in 1920x1080 Resolution - Only supports Windows 64bit systems.


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