R.E.F. Free Full Game

R.E.F. Free Full Game R.E.F. Free Full Game R.E.F. Free Full Game

Over countless millennia, the Cowpokes and the Grease-Monkeys have held a sacred ritual of the Eternal Free-For-All. It is a fighting event between the two leaders of their respective gangs. So equal in might, they both resorted to cheating. Thus, over the many years it has been regulated by a long lineage of referees who conduct themselves according to the teachings of R.E.F. to prevent the gang war to end all gang wars. It is now your turn to block Lethal Attacks and Cheap Tricks to protect this city from another great gang war!


Use either the arrow keys or WASD to move around and block up or block down.
Be careful to only block their Lethal Attacks and Cheap Tricks or they will get angry and tear down this city! Using your Super-Referee Senses, you can tell right before they will use one of these attacks by their Flashing Rage!

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