Rob Blanc II


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In our last episode, Rob Blanc was nigh on becoming Defender of the Universe, give or take three months of intensive training. That out of the way, he is ready to take his new ship and begin his crusade. However, the High Ones insist he take a short holiday on Earth for a month, just to say goodbye. Not because they care for his feelings, but because they haven't actually built the ship yet.

Back on Earth, our hero books a flight to Hawaii and checks into a swanky hotel for the night (using a bottomless credit account, courtesy of his new employers), but the lift jams and breaks down on the way up to his room and he's stuck there with only a mysterious stranger to keep him company...

This is where you take over. Rob Blanc II: Planet of the Pasteurised Pestilence is bigger, better and harder than the first instalment.

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